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Africa Fashion Up 2024 : unveiling emerging talents in African fashion

The Africa Fashion Up (AFUP) 2024 competition, organized by Share Africa, aims to support emerging African designers and redefine the fashion industry. Discover the five winners of this edition, selected for their craftsmanship, originality, and sustainable approach.

By the editorial staff

The Africa Fashion Up (AFUP) 2024 competition, orchestrated by Share Africa, seeks to promote emerging designers from the African continent and offer an innovative perspective on the fashion industry. Share Africa, a platform dedicated to showcasing young African talents, has once again captured attention with this prestigious competition.

These new designers have a crucial role to play in transforming our vision of African fashion

Valérie Ka, founder of Africa Fashion Up

After receiving nearly 200 applications, the AFUP 2024 jury selected five outstanding creators. These winners stand out for their craftsmanship, originality, and commitment to sustainability. Valérie Ka emphasized, « As last year, we are looking for profiles that already have a clientele and at least two years of activity. They must be able to create collections ready to collaborate with brands on an international scale. These new designers have a crucial role to play in transforming our vision of African fashion. »

The five winners: a panorama of African creativity

Mohamed Youss (Morocco): Leading the Anouri brand, Mohamed celebrates Moroccan cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Working primarily with recycled fabrics such as jute canvas, he creates unique pieces that tell timeless stories.

Gugu Peteni (South Africa): With her label Gugubygugu, Gugu draws inspiration from streetwear and South African culture. Her structured and colorful creations bring vibrant energy to contemporary wardrobes.

Kader Diaby (Ivory Coast): Founder of the Olooh brand, Kader uses fashion as a powerful means of expression. His handmade creations interpret the stories of his country and celebrate Abidjanese culture.

Rich Mnisi (South Africa): Rich is renowned for his layered prints and the use of eco-friendly materials such as recycled wool and silk. His collections, crafted in South Africa, are bold yet environmentally conscious.

Kadiata Diallo (Senegal and Mauritania): Creator of the Niuku brand, Kadiata offers a minimalist wardrobe with a Japanese-inspired style. Her pieces pay homage to African craftsmanship through traditional printing methods and the use of recycled fabrics and handmade dyes.

Increased visibility on the Parisian scene

To strengthen the presence of African fashion in Paris, AFUP 2024 will showcase the finalists’ creations during Haute Couture Week. On June 26, a fashion show will be held in the gardens of the Musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, culminating in the announcement of the « Young African Designer » award. Two new awards will also be presented: « Best African Designer » and « Eco African. »

Prestigious training for the winners

The winners will benefit from a week of training in management and international trade, organized by HEC Paris. They will take part in immersive visits to haute couture houses, roundtable discussions, and a four-month mentoring program with Balenciaga.

Strategic partnership with Galeries Lafayette

For the third consecutive year, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann is partnering with Share Africa. From June 27 to July 3, a 230-square-meter pop-up store on the fourth floor of the department store will sell the creations of the young talents selected by Share Africa, providing a platform for unprecedented visibility and commercialization.

A program within the framework of Share Africa, a broader initiative that includes a series of actions and events highlighting the creativity, innovation, and environmental commitment of African youth.

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