GITEX, a Showcase for Tech Made in Morocco

The second edition of GITEX AFRICA MOROCCO will take place from May 29 to 31 in Marrakech, bringing together more than 1500 exhibitors from 130 countries. While the focus is on AI, as it is the trend, the actors of the Moroccan tech scene will be at the forefront of this event, which aims to promote African tech and, at the same time, strengthen Morocco's position as a regional digital hub.

By Bilkyss Mentari

The second edition of GITEX AFRICA MOROCCO, the largest tech and startup exhibition in Africa, will be held from May 29 to 31 in Marrakech, gathering over 1500 exhibitors, global leaders and experts, government representatives, tech companies, big tech, startups, investors, and academics from 130 countries to catalyze partnerships and advance the future ambitions of a continent determined to elevate its entrepreneurial innovation economy.

This is the ambition. Organized by Kaoun International, a subsidiary of Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), and under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform in partnership with the Digital Development Agency (ADD), GITEX AFRICA positions itself as a technological hub in Africa. « GITEX AFRICA Morocco 2024 is an ideal opportunity to promote investment, access to the tech market, and especially job creation in the digital economy, » promised Mohamed Idrissi Meliani, General Director of ADD.

AI, Cybersecurity, and Cloud at the heart of discussions

This edition’s conferences will address themes such as AI, cybersecurity, cloud, FinTech, and e-health. Experts will conduct specialized workshops, and spaces will be dedicated to startups to present their technological advancements. Discussions will notably focus on AI prospects, at the heart of exchanges, which could add $1.2 billion to the African economy by 2030. « The recent developments in AI have created new opportunities for Africa in its mission of digital transformation, » emphasized Trixie LohMirmand, CEO of KAOUN International.

« This is the year of the AI phenomenon and its enticing versatile capabilities to transform various sectors, from cybersecurity, cloud, and IoT, to finance, telecommunications, agriculture, and education, amplifying hopes for greater prosperity in the world’s second most populous continent, » the organizers stated in a press release. The impact of AI on health technologies has also spurred the launch of World Future Health Africa, thus accelerating the growing digital health revolution on the continent.

GITEX AFRICA 2024 aims to contribute to the transcontinental quest for a future based on AI as the region prepares for a new digital era. And in this epic African race to define its digital sovereignty, Morocco intends to play a major role.

The second edition of GITEX AFRICA Morocco is part of our country’s efforts to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transition

Indeed, more than 700 of the most remarkable global startups from 45 countries, including 200 Moroccan startups, will also be present at the North Star Africa startup showcase of GITEX AFRICA, stimulating a significant revival of investment in a resilient and dynamic startup ecosystem. An ecosystem that is expected to raise $10 billion in venture capital by 2025, according to the organizers. « These award-winning pioneers will connect with 350 investors from 35 countries with $200 billion in assets under management, » the press release noted. Now an essential barometer of massive transcontinental technological advancements, GITEX AFRICA 2024 will unify the global tech community’s commitment to accelerating a responsible future in the burgeoning Silicon Valley.

In the meantime, among the 700 global and notably African startups registered for the event, 200 Moroccan startups will be present and will participate in North Star Africa, the startup showcase of GITEX AFRICA. The idea is clear: to take advantage of the event, which has been renamed GITEX AFRICA Morocco, to highlight the Moroccan tech scene, whose actors, both public and private, are major participants in the meeting. Starting with the Moroccan Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform. Minister Ghita Mezzour has not hidden her ambitions to strengthen Morocco’s position as a regional digital hub. « The second edition of GITEX AFRICA Morocco is part of our country’s efforts to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transition. »

For now, the latest report from Partech ranks Morocco 5th in Africa, behind South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, and Kenya, for tech startup fundraising, with $93 million for 17 deals. Although Morocco needs to overcome obstacles such as the small size of its market and strict regulation, programs like Tamwilcom’s Innov Invest and the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment improve access to funding for Moroccan entrepreneurs. Knowing that the goal is ambitious: to increase the contribution of the ICT sector from the current 3% to 11% of GDP and create 125,000 new jobs. And surpass Tunisia (where the digital sector contributes more than 4% of GDP, thanks to the implementation of the Startup Act) and Egypt (more than 8% of GDP with startups among the continental leaders), which are leading in the region.

For more information, visit GITEX Africa.

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