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Every year, VivaTech brings together the brightest minds in technological innovation and startups to create an ecosystem of ideas and solutions that will shape our future. The 2024 edition, which will take place from May 22 to 25 at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, in Paris, promises to be an unmissable event, with a multitude of exciting activities and networking opportunities. And once again this year, Africa will be in the spotlight!

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With more than 2,800 exhibitors from over 120 countries, VivaTech provides a global platform to showcase the latest technological innovations. This year, artificial intelligence (AI) will be in the spotlight, with over 37% of exhibitors planning to unveil innovative AI-based solutions. The « AI Avenue, » a dedicated space, will highlight startups specializing in this field, with leading figures such as Arthur Mensch from Mistral AI.

Special attention will also be paid to sustainable technology, with a dedicated space of 1,500 m² called the « impact bridge. » This space represents almost 10% of the total exhibition area and will feature responsible technological solutions. At the same time, the mobility sector will undergo a revolution, with significant advances in automated driving and the transition to renewable energies. Renowned companies such as Tesla and Togg will be present, alongside giants in aerial mobility such as Airbus and Volocopter.

AfricaTech Awards 2024: « Celebrating the Significant Contributions of African Entrepreneurs to the Global Technological Ecosystem »


VivaTech continues to support specific initiatives, including female entrepreneurship and African innovation. The « Female Founder Challenge 2024 » aims to promote female entrepreneurship in the technology sector, while the « AfricaTech Awards » celebrate the significant contributions of African entrepreneurs to the global technological ecosystem.

The third edition of the AfricaTech Awards, which will take place alongside VivaTech, will showcase innovative startups making an impact across the continent. Out of over 310 applications, 45 startups have been selected in three categories: Climate Tech, Health Tech, and FinTech. These startups represent the wealth and dynamism of the African startup ecosystem, with companies founded or co-founded by women and strong representation from countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt.

« In this new selection of the AfricaTech Awards, Africa demonstrates the wealth and dynamism of its startup ecosystem and positions itself as the Continent to follow in terms of Tech and Digital innovation. Viva Technology is delighted to make this reality known to the world and to connect it with the players who will enable it to reach its full potential. This has been one of VivaTech’s commitments since its creation and, once again this year, it will be one of the flagship topics of our event, » says François Bitouzet, CEO of VivaTech.

2024 will certainly be an exciting year, thanks to the momentum in Africa and the developments of new trends, particularly in Deeptech and AI

The E-commerce & FinTech category recorded the highest number of applications. Alone, it represented nearly half, 148 to be precise. A sign of the growth experienced by the sector in Africa, which is expected to reach over 83.5 million users by 2029. While FinTech could create about 3 million jobs on the African continent by 2025. Trends present at this 2024 edition.

« In a global context of declining investments, African ecosystems continue to improve their global positioning, thanks in particular to the demographic dividend of the continent, » observes Aymen Mtimet, Partner Advisory Francophone Africa. « 2024 will certainly be an exciting year, thanks to the momentum in Africa and the developments of new trends, particularly in Deeptech and AI. »

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