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Rabiatou Moussa : digital empowerment for women in Niger

Rabiatou Moussa embodies the fusion of a passion for technology, female leadership, and commitment to development. Through her dynamic journey and unwavering dedication, she portrays a portrait of a young woman determined to make a difference in her country and beyond.

From a young age, Rabiatou was fascinated by technology and business, drawing inspiration from TV series like « 24h Chrono. » This fascination led her to pursue studies in software engineering, seeing engineering as a means to create innovative solutions for local and global challenges. Her determination to be the change she wants to see in her country led her to co-found the Developpe-Les association, with a mission to empower young people and women for an inclusive and resilient Niger through education and awareness.

In addition to her work with Developpe-Les, Rabiatou holds several key roles in Niger’s entrepreneurial and digital ecosystem. As project and partnership manager at the Oasis des entrepreneurs incubator and board member of NigerElles, she strives to promote female entrepreneurship and develop innovative tools to stimulate economic development.

Citizen engagement, gender, and digital expertise

Her commitment extends beyond her home country. As the winner of the regional Blog4Dev competition organized by the World Bank, Rabiatou is recognized for her expertise in citizen engagement, gender, and digital issues. She has also consulted for several international organizations, including the World Bank and ECOWAS, on conflict prevention and development issues.

Despite the challenges she faces as a young woman in a field largely dominated by men, Rabiatou remains determined to make her mark. She co-leads two technology communities, Google Developers Group Niamey and Women TechMakers Niamey, and continuously seeks to inspire and support women in the digital field.

Nigerien women are powerful agents of change, and their active participation is essential for building a better future for their communities and country

In her own words, Rabiatou advocates for women’s autonomy and encourages them to seize the opportunities offered by the entrepreneurial and digital ecosystems. « Nigerien women are powerful agents of change, and their active participation is essential for building a better future for their communities and country, » she affirms.

As a role model and leader, Rabiatou Moussa embodies the strength, resilience, and determination of Nigerien women to make a difference in the world. Her message is clear: women are powerful and capable of achieving great things when given the means to do so.

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