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Pavillon Afriques : a showcase of African cinema at Cannes

From May 14th to May 23rd, 2024, the International Village of Cannes, specifically the Pantiero, will host the 5th edition of Pavillon Afriques. This event, a true standard-bearer of African creativity and its diaspora, promises a rich and diverse program that will delight African cinema professionals and curious enthusiasts eager to discover new talents and horizons.

By the editorial staff

The Pavillon Afriques, with its enigmatic « S » symbolizing the inclusion of the diaspora, embodies the dynamism of Francophone and Anglophone African cinematographies. Filmmakers, decision-makers, and creators come together to showcase their works, promote them, secure financing, and explore new cooperation opportunities, while also highlighting their countries as cinematic destinations.

In addition to film screenings, Pavillon Afriques offers a variety of activities: workshops, masterclasses, roundtable discussions, themed days, project pitch sessions, and much more. Highlights include roundtable discussions on the impact of film tourism, a day dedicated to artificial intelligence and culture, and a coproduction day.

A focus on talent and industry challenges

Masterclasses will address crucial topics such as the role of film commissions in cinematic development, the importance of African storytelling, and the challenges of digital transformation. Screenings will present a diverse selection of films and documentaries, offering a panorama of the vitality and diversity of African cinema.

Pavillon Afriques is committed to promoting African talent, contributing to the establishment of a sustainable film industry on the continent, and encouraging regional and international partnerships. Through its initiatives, it aims to open new perspectives for the African film industry and enhance its presence on the global stage.

With its eclectic programming and dedication to African cinematic excellence, Pavillon Afriques asserts itself as a major player in promoting cultural diversity and artistic exchange, thereby contributing to the global visibility of African cinema.

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