Gabon Digital : an ambitious digital transformation

A key milestone is being reached in Gabon's digitalization journey. The country, backed by a massive investment of 41 billion CFA francs from the World Bank, is embarking on a digital revolution with the "Gabon Digital" project.

Gabon is gearing up to achieve a pivotal milestone in modernizing its public administration with a significant investment of 41 billion CFA francs, granted by the World Bank. This investment marks the beginning of an ambitious digital transformation initiative dubbed « Gabon Digital. »

Clear ambitions for an efficient administration

The « Gabon Digital » project aims to revolutionize the Gabonese public administration through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Planned initiatives include the construction of an ultra-modern data center, the development of digital applications, and the rehabilitation of the Gabonese Connected Administration Network (RAG). The goal is to make public services more accessible, transparent, and efficient, thereby enhancing the relationship between the administration and citizens.

An inclusive and secure project

The digitalization of the Gabonese administration is not only about modernization but also about inclusivity. The project aims to reduce inequalities in access to public services, especially for the most vulnerable groups. Furthermore, measures will be taken to enhance data protection and improve cybersecurity, ensuring the confidentiality and security of citizens’ information.

The benefits of this digital transformation are manifold. It promises to streamline administrative processes, reduce processing times, and enhance the user experience for citizens. Moreover, it is expected to drive economic growth by creating new opportunities in the information technology sector.

Training for a digital future

A crucial aspect of the « Gabon Digital » project is training. It is essential for civil servants to be trained in the use of new digital tools. This will ensure not only effective adoption of these technologies but also their optimal use in serving the public. Gabon is thus positioning itself as a pioneer in Africa in the digitalization of public administration. This ambitious project is an opportunity to boost economic growth, alleviate poverty, and improve the lives of Gabonese citizens.

Tools for refining public policies

In 2023, a new tool was introduced, the Inclusive Digital Economy Scorecard (IDES), allowing for the fine-tuning of public policies in favor of the most disadvantaged populations. Gabonese stakeholders have defined a roadmap to support the development of digital finance, with several projects underway in 2024. The IDES, developed by the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), is an evolving dashboard whose indicators are fueled by international and local data updated annually.

Advocacy for Gabonese Tech Startups

More broadly, Gabon aims to accelerate the digitalization of its economy. To this end, a Digital Finance Task Force (DFTF) was established in late April 2023 with the support of UNCDF. This group includes telecom operators, financial institutions, digital startup incubators, fintech companies, and representatives from the public sector. The DFTF has set a roadmap for 2024, with advocacy ambitions for Gabonese tech startups, aiming in particular to reduce interoperability costs at the regional level.

Enhancing digital skills

In 2023, Gabon focused on strengthening digital finance capabilities to increase resilience to external crises. Training was provided to Gabonese professionals in the public and private sectors, funded by the Africa Policy Accelerator and the DFS4Res program. In 2024, UNCDF aims to expand this capacity-building program with new online courses dedicated to the Francophone audience.

Digitizing MSMEs and agricultural value chains

UNCDF continues to support the newly licensed fintech CLIKPAY to enhance access to digital financial services. Other initiatives include digitizing MSMEs and agricultural value chains, notably the vegetable farming sector, in partnership with FAO Gabon.

Making Gabon an African leader in digitalization by 2025

Gabon is currently the 6th most performing country in Africa in the ICT sector and the 1st in the sub-region. At the heart of the Strategic Plan for an Emerging Gabon (PSGE), aimed at making Gabon a leader in digitalization in Africa by 2025, digitalization has been subject to a number of measures that are bearing fruit today. Among them are the creation of ARCEP and ANINF, the updating of infrastructure including 1,100 km of deployed fiber optic and a $110 million loan from the World Bank, the CAB4 project financed by the World Bank and the AfDB. Similarly, initiatives such as e-Gabon, SING, and the « Train my generation: Gabon 5,000 » program have also emerged to support digital transition. This acceleration is a fact.

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