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Francine Munyaneza : a fresh breath in Rwanda’s renewable energy landscape

Francine Munyaneza is a visionary Rwandan entrepreneur leading an innovative solar energy company and spearheading women's empowerment initiatives through climate change advocacy.

Hailing from Rwanda, Francine is a driving force in the renewable energy sector as the founder and CEO of MUNYAX ECO, a solar energy company, and « La Maison Verte, » an eco-friendly construction project. Graduating with a degree in finance and business management from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, Francine has embarked on an extraordinary journey dedicated to positive change in the Great Lakes region, particularly in clean energy and climate change mitigation, with a specific focus on women’s empowerment.

From the Middle East to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas: 20 years of international experience

In addition to her academic qualifications, Francine boasts two decades of diverse international experience, having worked across various environments in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Her tenure in senior leadership roles within prominent North American companies and renowned humanitarian organizations such as the ICRC and MSF has endowed her with a comprehensive understanding, crucial for navigating contexts where governments, the private sector, and civil society collaborate transparently for sustainable outcomes.

Solar energy solutions tailored to national and regional emerging markets

At the helm of MUNYAX ECO, Francine is committed to providing tailored and tested solar energy solutions to national and regional emerging markets. Setting herself apart with an innovative gender-focused approach, she actively engages women in the transition to clean and renewable energies. Through an adapted recruitment and sales strategy, Francine empowers women to play significant roles in the marketing and utilization of renewable energies within their communities.

Technical expertise and social sensitivity

Through her dedication to women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability, Francine Munyaneza has breathed new life into Rwanda’s renewable energy landscape and the Great Lakes region. Her holistic approach, combining technical expertise with social sensitivity, paves the way for a greener and more inclusive future, where renewable energies serve as catalysts for economic and social development for all.

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