Dieuveil Malonga: the playmaker of African cuisine

Relaxation and reassuring gait, Dieuveil Malonga knows the right star above him. Discreet in appearance, this Congolese chef sets the fire in the kitchen as well as on our taste buds.

Rudy Casbi met him for the Africa News Agency.


Born in Congo-Brazzaville and then adopted by a German family, his passion for cooking quickly took over his being – it is last the stoves that his crossbreeding will become a strength: “My cooking is a kind of Afro fusion. It is a gustatory alchemy born from my French, Congolese and German influences,”he tells us. A choice that paid off. After my graduation in Germany, I was spotted by a Marseille’s restaurateur. That’s when the French channel M6 contacted me so that I could take part in the casting of the Top Chef’s tv programme in 2014 The casteurs of France’s channel tv M6 are not the only ones to appreciate his cuisine. Dieuveil Malonga is regularly solicited for various events related to the African continent.

Dieuveil Malonga in African culinary immersion

If the French television adventure has gone short. Godveil Malonga was quickly eliminated. This did not affect his determination, “I continued to visit the African continent. When I go to Rwanda, I visit a Rwandan family and for a week, I taste dishes made by my mother. I’m looking at the ingredients she’s going to the market for. The following week, I try to make his cuisine gastronomic by taking care not to change any taste in his dish. when the trial is validated, I add it to my list of recipes for restaurants,”he explains. Many African restaurants are asking for this advice. “In Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and French-speaking Africa, you have many establishments that rely on my expertise”, he told. The recognition of this, Dieuveil Malonga owes it to his incessant culinary research. This is how he managed to make gastronomic several dishes as for this Ivorian speciality, yam puree accompanied by langoustines, cocoa oil and ginger with cream of chilli peas.

His new challenge: ‘chefs in Africa’

Dieuveil Malonga does not stop there. His busy schedule has even intensified in recent months with the launch of’ Chefs in Africa. Each month, he integrated 20 chef profiles on our platform. Any person or company wo wishes to attach their services for an event can contact them on our platform. The principal objectif is to highlight the competences of our African chefs.



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