Kevin Sesse : Mon Artisan, promoting prosperous craftsmanship through digital

Kevin Sese, an Ivorian entrepreneur, founded the platform "Mon Artisan" with the ambitious goal of modernizing and energizing a sector often perceived as traditional and disconnected from technological advances.

Coming from a small town where craftsmanship played a central role, Kevin grew up alongside local artisans, developing a deep respect for their craftsmanship. After studying computer science, he saw technology as a lever to solve concrete problems and propose innovative solutions.

During his university years, Kevin developed the idea of « Mon Artisan, » noticing that many artisans, despite their exceptional skills, struggled to gain visibility. He thus created a digital platform to bridge this gap, facilitating direct connections between artisans and potential clients.

In 2019, after months of development and testing, « Mon Artisan » was launched. This online platform allows artisans to create profiles, showcase their work, and receive orders. It stands out for its user-friendly interface, ease of use, and commitment to valorizing artisanal talents.

Our vision is to build a vast community of skills for informal trades in Africa

« Our vision is to build a vast community of skills for informal trades in Africa, » explains Kevin. « With Africa’s economy predominantly informal, there’s a growing need for access to simple digital services and certified, professional providers. We certify artisans’ skills, providing clients with a pool of reliable and competent individuals. »

« Mon Artisan » quickly achieved staggering success, attracting thousands of artisans and tens of thousands of users across the country. The platform offers a diverse range of services, from custom jewelry and furniture creation to home renovation and clothing design. Integrated with new technologies for communication, order management, and payments, it ensures the quality and authenticity of artisanal products.

« In terms of impact, we reach over 2,000 active artisans across three countries. We’ve served over 50,000 users who’ve ordered services. Our network of artisans has seen their incomes grow by at least 32%. We’re also bringing more revenue to artisans struggling to make ends meet, and attracting young people to these sometimes undervalued trades. »

Kevin Sese’s goals for « Mon Artisan » are ambitious. He aims to strengthen the platform’s ecosystem through strategic partnerships, providing support in skills enhancement, logistics, and finance to artisans. He also seeks to recruit talent to accelerate platform growth and attract investments for continental expansion.

Our network of artisans has seen their incomes grow by at least 32%

« Today, we aim to forge partnerships to strengthen our ecosystem. Beyond matchmaking, we aim to provide real support to artisans in terms of skills enhancement, logistical and financial support, etc. So, we’re seeking partners and talent recruitment to accelerate our growth and secure funding, as success requires capital. To go even further. »

Kevin is also deeply committed to sustainable development. « Mon Artisan » promotes the use of ecological materials and supports sustainable artisanal projects, contributing to environmental preservation and ethical practices.

Kevin Sese faces significant challenges in talent recruitment and fundraising. He aims to expand « Mon Artisan » to other African markets, a continent with 55 countries, requiring necessary resources to achieve this goal.

Buoyed by success, Kevin Sese has no plans to stop here. He envisions expanding « Mon Artisan » to other countries, allowing more artisans to benefit from this innovative platform. He’s also working on integrating emerging technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to enhance user experience and offer even more personalized services.

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