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The 13th MASA : celebrating african cultural diversity

From March 4th to 11th, 2024, the city of Abidjan pulsated with the rhythm of the 13th edition of the Market for African Performing Arts (MASA), a flagship event celebrating the richness and cultural diversity of the continent.

By the editorial staff

Under the theme « Cultural Diversity and African Integration in a Changing World, » MASA brought together artists, performing arts professionals, intellectuals, and art enthusiasts from all corners of Africa and beyond.

For a week, the streets of Abidjan were the stage for breathtaking performances blending music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Scenes came alive to the captivating rhythms of traditional music, the acrobatic performances of contemporary dancers, and the engaging theatrical pieces.

MASA also provided a platform to showcase emerging young talents through competitions and professional networking sessions. Workshops and conferences were organized to foster exchanges and reflection on cultural and artistic issues in Africa.

This year’s edition was marked by the presence of numerous renowned artists such as Youssou N’Dour, Angelique Kidjo, and Femi Kuti, who enchanted the audience with their masterful performances.

MASA is not just an entertainment festival; it is also a catalyst for artistic encounters and collaborations, contributing to the global recognition of African culture. In this regard, Mamadou Touré, Minister for Youth Promotion, Professional Integration, and Civic Service, announced a tripartite agreement signed between his ministry, Orange Bank, and the Ministry of Culture and Francophonie for the financing of the cultural and creative industry (CCI) amounting to one billion FCFA.

He specified that the Ministry for Youth Promotion, Professional Integration, and Civic Service would provide 500 million FCFA, and Orange Bank would cover the remainder. However, it is worth noting that this money is granted to cultural actors in the form of a loan to be repaid at a preferential rate of 8% over a period of three years and is intended for actors in the cultural and creative industry aged 18 to 50.

Beyond the performances, MASA is part of a strategy to promote cultural diversity and peace in Africa. It offers a unique platform to celebrate unity in diversity and strengthen ties between peoples through art and culture.

MASA remains a must-attend event for all lovers of African art, offering an immersive experience at the heart of the continent’s creativity and artistic expression. Through its various events, MASA continues to nurture the soul and spirit, reaffirming the vitality and vibrancy of the African artistic scene.

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