Health: Cerba HealthCare to be set up in Africa

Cerba HealthCare, a leader in medical biology in Europe, is being setting up in Africa to develop a network of laboratories, Cerba Lancet Africa, in partnership with Lancet Laboratories, the leader in medical biology in Africa.

Present historically on the African continent, for more than 30 years; Cerba HealthCare Group has developed two main activities. It works with the medical communities of many African countries and provides them with daily-specialized biology services as well as pathological anatomy and cytology. More than 600,000 biology exams are conducted each year for health professionals in more than 15 African countries by Cerba, which uses digital tools, thus obtaining a return of results mostly less than 48 hours. Besides, Cerba HealthCare associated with Lancet Laboratories, has been engaged for more than 20 years in a clinical trials biology activity in Africa through Barc RSA, based in Johannesburg.

11 African countries

Based on these experiences, Cerba Healthcare has decided to invest significantly in building a network of local medical biology laboratories on the continent. Through the development of a network of laboratories, Cerba Lancet Africa, in partnership with Lancet Laboratories the leader of medical biology in Africa, in 11 African countries, outside South Africa. « With its network of more than 100 ISO accredited laboratories, more than 1,400 employees who serve more than 1.3 million patients a year and more than 40 million turnover in 2018, Cerba Lancet Africa is already the first actor of local medical biology in Africa, said the group in a statement. It aims at becoming a reference in Africa. « We are excited about increased collaboration with Lancet and its teams. Our common goal is to develop the medical offer in the territories where we are already established and to settle in other countries. With our partner Lancet Laboratories, we have planned an ambitious investment program and an offer of innovative medical biology adapted to the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and institutions, as well as companies on the continent « , says Jérôme Thill, Managing Director of the Cerba HealthCare Group. « The panel of expertise of our two groups, one of the leading medical biologists in Europe, Cerba HealthCare, and Lancet, leader in medical biology in South Africa, as well as our respective knowledge of the African continent in very different territories. will complementary be real assets for our joint venture, « adds Peter Cole, Lancet Laboratories CEO. We are excited to be associated with the Cerba HealthCare Group and look forward to jointly developing our actions to help improve the health of African citizens. « 

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