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Mediterraneans : an immersive exhibition at the mucem for its 10th anniversary

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the mucem presents a new permanent exhibition, "mediterraneans", exploring the diverse and mythical mediterranean cultures through history and art.

By the editorial staff

The mucem celebrates its 10th anniversary in a big way with the inauguration of a new permanent exhibition titled « mediterraneans ». This exhibition invites visitors to dive into the rich and varied history of Mediterranean cultures, from antiquity to the present day. This journey through time and space takes place on the 2nd level of the j4 building of the mucem, and will continue until December 2026.

An exploration of « mediterraneans » plural

The « mediterraneans » exhibition stands out for its plural and evolving approach. It will be presented in several successive episodes, integrating new masterpieces and rare pieces over time, until 2030. This approach will allow for a continuous renewal and enrichment of the presentation, offering visitors a constantly renewed vision of the different facets of mediterranean cultures.

The exhibition questions the formation and dissemination of mediterranean imaginaries, highlighting the role of museums in this cultural construction. How have art history and ethnology contributed to creating images of the Mediterranean? « Mediterraneans » explores this theme by blending different historical museographic approaches, from the dense hangings of fine arts museums of the 18th and 19th centuries to the various presentations used by ethnography museums.

A dialogue between ancient and contemporary art

Among the 300 objects and documents on display, half come from the mucem’s collections. The exhibition juxtaposes classical art pieces and contemporary works, thus creating a dialogue between past and present. the works of francis alÿs, ziad antar, hélène bellenger, nidhal chamekh, joseph eid, nina fischer & maroan el sani, mouna karray, fatima mazmouz, selma and sofiane ouissi, maria varela, and théo mercier address today’s mediterranean issues, reinforcing the link between history and contemporaneity.

A large-scale collaborative project

The exhibition benefits from the collaboration of numerous prestigious institutions such as the musée du quai branly – jacques chirac, the musée d’orsay, the louvre museum, the bibliothèque nationale de france, and many others. The deposits of works from these institutions considerably enrich the diversity and depth of the exhibition.

A must-see for all history, art, and mediterranean culture enthusiasts

The exhibition’s scenography, created by pascal rodriguez, and the graphic design by nicolas journé of cl design, contribute to an immersive and thoughtful presentation of the works. this attention to staging allows for a better appreciation of the richness and diversity of Mediterranean cultures.

Under the direction of marie-charlotte calafat, chief heritage curator and scientific director and collections director of the mucem, the team of curators composed of justine bohbote, raphaël bories, camille faucourt, enguerrand lascols, and hélia paukner, orchestrated this ambitious exhibition. Their expertise and vision have brought this project to life, which promises to be a must-see for all history, art, and Mediterranean culture enthusiasts.

By celebrating its 10th anniversary, the mucem reaffirms its commitment to being a place of discovery and dialogue between cultures, highlighting the common heritage of this fascinating and complex region of the world.

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