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Hadja Rima Toure : the Ivorian entrepreneur dressing the world

Hadja Rima Toure, a 43-year-old Ivorian entrepreneur, began her career as a press attaché in Paris. Her unconventional journey has taken her from agribusiness to fashion, through agricultural entrepreneurship, illustrating her adaptability and entrepreneurial vision. As the founder of Manjoux Atelier, she aims to promote Ivorian textiles globally while creating sustainable economic opportunities for women in her country.

Hadja Rima Toure embodies the versatility and boldness of contemporary entrepreneurship. Her story starts in the communication field in Paris, where she worked as a press attaché after graduating from the French School of Press Attachés (EFAP).

It was during a BtoB meeting at a professional agri-food trade show in Paris that her journey took an unexpected turn. After the event, the idea of ​​exporting tropical fruits from Ivory Coast, her home country, stuck with her. This chance encounter prompted her to take a leave of absence from her employer to travel to Ivory Coast. There, she became interested in papayas and mangosteens, establishing local partnerships to found her export business.

Hadja Rima Toure’s journey underscores the importance of professional networks and the opportunities that can arise from simple encounters. Her successful transition from agriculture to fashion highlights her adaptability and entrepreneurial vision. Faced with the challenges of the agricultural sector, especially the competitiveness of African productions in the global market, she decided to diversify her activities.

The goal is to create high-quality clothing and accessories made in Ivory Coast, so that our workshops remain in Ivory Coast

In 2022, she launched Manjoux Atelier, a fashion and textile design company with the motto « Made in Ivory Coast to dress the world. » Inspired by childhood memories in Bouaké, Dar Es Salam, where her grandmother, a merchant, sourced from associations of female dyers, Hadja Rima Toure is committed to promoting traditional Ivorian textiles through her creations. « The goal is to create high-quality clothing and accessories made in Ivory Coast, but our workshops remain in Ivory Coast. » Manjoux Atelier embodies the Abidjanian way of life in collections of clothing and accessories crafted from the rich Ivorian artisanal heritage.

Entreprendre à Zéro francs

But Hadja Rima Toure’s commitment goes beyond entrepreneurship. As Secretary-General of the Hope Denguéle Foundation, she works to eradicate poverty and provide quality education for women and children. The Foundation has already trained over 300 female micro-traders and market gardeners through its « Entreprendre à Zéro francs » program, demonstrating its commitment to the economic and social development of the country.

Convinced of the importance of women’s participation at all levels of decision-making, Hadja Rima Toure is also involved in politics and was elected Regional Councillor in the Kabadougou region, in northern Ivory Coast. She embodies an inspiring figure who turns her experiences into concrete actions for the benefit of the community, while demonstrating that professional success can be aligned with strong social values.

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