Guinea: Malado Kaba, New Minister of Economy

Taking over from Mohamed Diaré as new Minister of Economy and Finance, Malado Kaba, 44, officially took office on January 6 under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Government, Sekou Kissi. She has now the heavy responsibility of boosting economic growth in Guinea

Malado Kaba is an expert in macroeconomics and public finance, on top of being a proven project manager, in particular for public sector programmes and reforms. She cumulates 18 years of professional experience with leading institutions and international organizations.

Malado Kaba is one of those Guineans who came back to their country of origin hoping to contribute to its development. After completing a graduate degree (DESS) in Development Economics from Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, Kaba did an internship at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Business and Financial Support Department.


In 1996, she joined the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Plan of the Republic of Guinea, where she acted until 1999 as Advisor in the Office of the Minister. She worked on macroeconomic analysis, monthly tracking of public spending execution, as well as producing summary reports for the Council of Ministers. Malado Kaba was also in charge of a capacity-and-relation-building project with the African Development Bank and the World Bank, in addition to monitoring debt management and the Medium Term Expenditures Framework.

The new Minister of Economy is facing a tremendous challenge considering the objectives set by President Alpha Condé, who is expecting tangible results after the recent epidemic of Ebola and the devastation it caused to the country’s economy.


Malick Diallo

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