Charlotte Libog : « Africa can feed the world »

Though it has 60% of the world’s arable land and an abundant labor force, Africa imports year after year nearly 80% of the food it consumes. Going against hackneyed clichés, the founder of the think tank « Afrique Grenier du Monde » Charlotte Libog believes the continent is capable not only of securing its food self-sufficiency but also of feeding the planet, provided that certain levers are skillfully pulled…

By Charlotte Libog* 

President Macron, on March 24, recalled in his campaign speech in Marseille, that the world will go through an unprecedented food crisis in the coming months… And Africa is well and truly concerned. Some cities are already facing not only this grain shortage but also the high cost of living. President MACRON continues to see Europe as the feeder of the African Continent and yet…. 

Things have changed Mr. President

I voted Macron, and today it is more than ESSENTIAL that everyone can finally understand that Africa is really the bread basket of the World. We have more than 60% of the world’s arable land, the market and the workforce needed owing to our strong demographic growth, and there is no way that we continue to import more than 70%, or even 80% of what is consumed on the continent. We must feed our populations and we can do it, and even more, provide a real solution for the European and global food situation. 

« Europe can no longer feed Africa; it is up to Africa to feed itself and bring its valuable contribution to solving the African and global food equation »

To that end, many levers must be pulled. Among these levers, we may mention:

*The increased awareness among African leaders and the private sector of the continent’s role as a driving force in the African and global food system and the huge opportunities for wealth creation for all. 

* The redefinition of Euro-African cooperation in agriculture and agribusiness and essentially building win-win partnerships …. 

* The minimum protection of African markets 

* The acceleration of pan-African inter-regional trade 

* The promotion of Agritech and Agroecology on a large scale


There is a real urgency and no Mr. President Macron, Europe can no longer feed Africa, it is up to Africa to feed itself and bring its valuable contribution to solving the African and global food equation.

This is critical for the emergence of our Continent that has long suffered from chronically deficient trade balances due to massive food imports, a huge brake on the emergence of the Continent. Another way is possible… That of the birth of a new Euro-African cooperation beneficial for all.

* Charlotte Libog is the founder of the think tank « Afrique Grenier du Monde », a platform that promotes agribusiness in Africa.  

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