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ARABFUTURES : exploration of new horizons in contemporary art

The ARABFUTURES exhibition invites you on a fascinating journey through the works of artists from the Arab world and the diaspora, exploring anticipation and science fiction to question present realities and imagine possible futures. This exhibition, held until October 27, 2024, at the Arab World Institute in Paris, offers a captivating dive into hybrid worlds, alternative narratives, and visions of tomorrow.

The ARABFUTURES exhibition opens the door to a bold exploration of new imaginaries, bringing together videographers, visual artists, photographers, and performers from the Arab world and the diaspora. Until October 27, 2024, this event offers an immersive dive into alternative narratives and possible futures, questioning social norms and sketching new horizons.

The exhibition begins with a reflection on the innovative concept of Gulf futurism, developed by Sophia Al-Maria and Fatima Qadiri in 2012. This pioneering approach questions the impact of hypermodernization and hyperconsumerism in the Gulf region, as illustrated by Sophia Al-Maria’s works revisiting gigantic shopping malls. Other artists explore alternative narratives, blending references to global pop culture with representations of Arab and Maghreb culture, as seen in the installations of Meriem Bennani and Sara Sadik.

In the « Hybrid Futures » section, the exhibition offers a reflection on forthcoming social, political, and ecological mutations. The works of Neïla Czermak Ichti and Tarek Lakhrissi explore otherness and the transgression of norms, while Ayman Zedani offers a poetic vision of transhumanism through his videos. Larissa Sansour, Søren Lind, Aïcha Snoussi, and Hicham Berrada, on the other hand, provide a poetic reflection on the intersection of science fiction, archaeology, and politics, questioning historical narratives and possible futures.

The exhibition closes with the essential motif of ecology, exploring the relationships between humans and their environment. The works of Berrada and Zahrah Al Ghamdi offer striking visions of organic worlds in mutation, testifying to nature’s resilience in the face of contemporary challenges.

Under the direction of curator Élodie Bouffard and associate curator Nawel Dehina, ARABFUTURES promises an immersive and stimulating experience, inviting the public to rethink the present and imagine the future through the prism of contemporary art.

Get There : ARABFUTURES – Science Fiction and New Imaginaries

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