Amadou Diaw : the importance of training youth for uncertainty

Amadou Diaw, President of the Forum of Saint Louis, advocates for a new educational approach in Africa. Faced with a constantly evolving world, he proposes training youth to embrace uncertainty, develop critical thinking, and adaptability, to prepare them for a dynamic and unpredictable future.

By Amadou Diaw, President of the Forum of Saint Louis

I have often heard on television panels and at major events dedicated to employment issues, the old concept of Training/Employment Adequacy.

My small experience allows me to affirm that most of tomorrow’s jobs are unknown.

In a world in perpetual evolution and marked by uncertainty, the ability of young people to navigate complexity and ambiguity becomes an essential skill.

Let us reflect on how we can train African youth to embrace uncertainty as an opportunity for growth and creativity.

Let’s invite youth to think transdisciplinarily, to embrace the complexity of situations, and to accept the inherent uncertainty of our ever-changing world.

Encouraging young people to develop their critical thinking, to embrace diverse perspectives, and to learn to manage uncertainty can be vital for their personal and professional development.

Training in Adaptability

Training young people in adaptability is essential to prepare them for a constantly evolving world. Focus on the following areas:

(a) Encourage open-mindedness and curiosity towards new ideas.

(b) Promote calculated risk-taking and change management.

(c) Value flexibility and agility in decision-making and adapting to changing situations.

(d) Raise awareness of the importance of self-questioning and accepting feedback to progress.

(e) Integrate training on stress and emotion management to foster a positive mindset in the face of uncertainty.

(f) Encourage adaptation to new technologies and market trends.

(g) Make adaptability a pillar of education by highlighting inspiring examples of people who have successfully adapted to challenges.

Complex Thinking

African youth can be trained in complex thinking, which involves considering phenomena in their entirety, linking knowledge, and approaching situations with a holistic view.

Managing Uncertainty

Uncertainty can become fertile ground for innovation and creativity. By training young people to manage uncertainty, we prepare them to face future challenges, adapt to changes, and seize opportunities despite obstacles.

By training African youth in uncertainty, we equip them to become enlightened and resilient actors in a world in constant change.

By cultivating complex thinking, creativity, and the ability to manage uncertainty, we contribute to shaping engaged citizens capable of building a positive future.

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