Agility, second edition of the photography contest

Agility, the leading professional in the field of  integrated logistics, has launched the second edition of the first Pan-African photography contest entitled , « Modern Africa » dedicated to the modernization of Africa. Open to professional and amateur photographers, and aiming to highlight the African development in the area of ​​photography.

To instill this desire to contribute to the development of Africa, but also to highlight the extremely rapid change that is taking place in modern Africa, Agility has established for two years already, « Modern Africa », the first Pan-African photography contest dedicated to the modernization of Africa. Thus, it offers not only professionals but also amateurs, the opportunity to unleash their creativity. The contestants can express their vision on various fields. Africa has an environment of contrasts and this competition serves to document the vision of an Africa that brings together young consumers, new technologies, and records an urbanization of the population and promising economic prospects. The previous edition of the contest, held in 2015, attracted 700 entries from 33 countries. Winning photos showed striking images of Luanda in Angola; Wheat fields in Kenya; and a child holding a cell phone in Uganda.

« The spirit of modern Africa and its fast evolution are obvious to those involved commercially on the continent » says Geoffrey White, CEO of Agility Africa. « It is crucial that the world recognizes the needs, ambition and creativity that drive the development across the continent. The aim of the competition « Modern Africa » ​​in 2016 is, therefore, to highlight the continent « he added. T he second edition of the competition, which began on 1 June 2016, will continue until 1 September 2016. Agility will offer a  prize of $ 2,000 to the winner of each of the three categories: Cities, Industry and Technology. From the three categories ,a special prize of $ 2,000 will go to the photographer whose shot is considered as best illustrating the development and growth throughout Africa; giving the candidates a chance to win up to $ 4,000. The stereotypes presented will be judged by an independent panel of jury that comprises Sneha Shah, CEO Thomson Reuters Africa; Bronwyn Nielsen, Executive Director of Africa Business News Group and Chief Editor of CNBC Africa; and Salim Amin, photographer, filmmaker also president of Africa 24 Media and Camerapix. « Through our activities in Africa, we are seeing the benefits of improved infrastructures  and technologies in everyday life on the continent » says White. « The contest is a new way to reflect the modernization in sustainable agriculture and energy production. Our hope is to rebalance the perception of Africa, and to recognize the role of Africa as a contributor increasingly important in the global economy « adds Geoffrey White, CEO of Agility Africa.

Several  intervention fields

Agility offers internationally customized services  in developed and developing economies. A leading global provider of integrated logistics, the company is publicly traded, with over  4.3 billion $ in sales and over 22,000 employees in over 500 offices across 100 countries. Global Integrated Logistics (GIL), main business activity of Agility provides air transportation solutions, shipping road and sea freight, warehousing, distribution and specialized services in project logistics, fairs and events, and hazardous materials. The Agility Infrastructure division manages industrial real estate and provides services regarding logistics, including optimization and consulting in customs and e-government, waste management and recycling, aviation services and ground handling, support to governments and ministries of defense, remote infrastructure and life support systems … in addition, Agility invests in Africa and is engaged in the construction of new logistics infrastructure. Thus, the provider enables global enterprises and SMEs to grow across the continent. The company is also concerned with the social aspect, with a special interest in education, training and health. The winning photographs will be available during a television show on CNBC Africa, published in Forbes Africa and shared on social networks. A way to draw attention to  the differences related to African innovation.

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By Darine Habchi

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