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FCFA 4 billion invested to produce devices made in Ivory Coast

The VITIB (Village of Information Technology and biotechnology), which is located in Grand Bassam in Ivory Coast and the Cerco group agreed to invest 4 billion FCFA for the construction of an assembly unit of computing devices. Thus, this investment will produce daily 2000 devices from computers to smartphones and tablets, « made in Ivory Coast. » All this will take place in a new facility within the VITIB. The newly signed agreement commits the Cerco group to construct the building to house the equipment for the operation of the mounting unit and share the operating profits with VITIB. In all, the VITIB invested 1.4 billion FCFA. As for Cerco group, it is not less than 2.6 billion FCFA that have been mobilized. This project fits perfectly with the policy of « one citizen, one computer » led by President Alassane Ouattara. « By this act, our country is gradually returning in the digital world (…). Which will flood the sub region of computers made in Ivory Coast, « said Alphonse WOI, Chair of the board at VITIB. According to Capo Chichi, CEO of Cerco, the industrial unit should be delivered in late 2016 and the project would also include an incubation and technology training center.

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