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Space : Senegal soon among 15 African countries with launched satellites

Senegal will soon launch its Gaindé Sat satellite to collect environmental data and low-resolution images. State-funded, the project aims to save time and money in data collection while fostering youth innovation.

According to the latest report from specialized site Space Hubs Africa, 59 satellites have been launched by 15 African countries to date, with South Africa being the first in 1998 and Egypt the latest in February. 10 of these 52 satellites were launched by commercial entities.

125 new satellites are planned for development by 2025, showcasing growing interest and dynamism in Africa’s space industry.

Here’s the list of African countries with the most satellites launched in 2024 :

  • South Africa and Egypt (13 satellites each);
  • Nigeria (7 satellites);
  • Algeria (6 satellites);
  • Morocco and Kenya (3 satellites each);
  • Angola (2 satellites).

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