Pierre Gattaz, Afrobytes: « Raising awareness of the importance of Africa »

Haweya Mohamed and Ammin Youssouf, the two founders of Afrobytes, the first African hub dedicated to the African technological innovation, were received at the headquarters of the MEDEF in Paris. An occasion also for the MEDEF’s president, Pierre Gattaz, to express his opinion on this changing Africa.

It is within the MEDEF that  Pierre Gattaz, head of the employers’ institution, received the entrepreneurs from the African diaspora, on Thursday, June 9, 2016. An event related to Afrobytes, the first hub that puts the light on African technological innovation. This event organized by Haweya Mohamed and Youssouf Ammin took  place over two days, from 9 to 10 June 2016. An appointment giving voice to the various speakers and guests. It is an opportunity for everyone to share opinions, a demonstration that helps to realize the development of Africa by breaking all amalgams.

Africa on the move
Haweya Mohamed and Ammin Youssouf met the president of the MEDEF , Pierre Gattaz  who shared his impressions and views on the African development.  » A year ago, I personally did not know Africa well. I discovered Africa through delegations of Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco … During  my trips, I discovered that with Africans, we share convictions of value. My wish is to offer win-win  partnerships. Unlike investors. (…) At the MEDEF ,an institution of 750 000 companies, we fight to reform the country in the tax  and social areas . We also try to demonstrate that to move forward, we must not rely on growth, and this is true for Africa, « says the president of the MEDEF.

A double exchange
According to Pierre Gattaz, four factors contribute to boost growth: «  the globalization of the economy, globalization of industries of the future, innovation in terms of health, the industry  of the future and digital. Although this is still an area that arouses fear, many disruptive technologies set off. All this represents a tremendous opportunity for companies, countries and even for the entire African continent to rebound. (…) The last factor that will promote growth is entrepreneurship.  » One of the roles of the MEDEF is « to explain that the company represents 80% of the solutions to the country by providing jobs, wealth and even hope » adds Pierre Gattaz. According to him, companies help to recreate the image of Africa. He is aware of the wealth that youth with dual nationality can provide, the culture and knowledge of their country.

« We would say that entrepreneurship and digital will revolutionize Africa and the world. We would like to capture and help the talents. It is sad to see that African entrepreneurs are going to work outside France « added the president of the MEDEF. The investment of French companies in Africa is also low. For Pierre Gattaz, one of the reasons that explain this low rate is the financial aspect. The problem comes from the low rate margins and exports are lower than those of Italians or Germans. « I propose to correct these margins and explain that the African dream is a reality, » added the boss of the MEDEF. »


By Darine Habchi

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