The industrialization of Africa, a priority of the G20

Africa takes an  increasing interest in ICTs, and the industrialization of the continent is in its priorities, in the perspective of promoting economical opportunities and innovation. Points highlighted by the Senegalese President Macky Sall.

According to the President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall, « the upcoming G20 summit, Africa will advocate for the establishment of a global system promoting the transfer of technology and knowledge, taking into account the specificities of the continent, urged to invest in human resources, by developing skills in Science and Technology « .These intentions were expressed during the opening session of the 35th session of the Executive Committee of Heads of State and Government of NEPAD in Kigali on Saturday, July 16, 2016. The president of Senegal has also notified that China which is none other than the president of the G20, has also pledged to support the innovative development plan towards Africa. He also added that if Africa wanted to address and meet this challenge, it is important for the continent to take a new direction in its development, it must respond to people’s needs, strengthen cooperation and regional integration, not to forget to promote inclusive prosperity. These are among the ambitions part of the continent’s 2063 Agenda.

One of the promising infrastructure development program

« NEPAD programs that meet social and economic challenges, can lead us to achieve these objectives by implementing concrete projects, able to create sustainable conditions for strong growth, » said the President Macky Sall.

He also recalled that the implementation of continental strategies is gathering pace despite the difficulties associated with it. Also according to the manager, the determination of all the heads of state about the Infrastructure Development Program continues unabated across the continent. The field of ICT is no exception. For example, the project of the broadband optical fiber has just been completed. Thus, the five capitals of the Community member states of the East Africa EAC) appear to be connected. He also notified that the infrastructure deficit in Africa is being filled. Macky Sall considers that « these value chains offer youth and women employment prospects and while helping to promote entrepreneurship and agricultural trade. » He added: « Africa also wants to meet the basic social services and the objectives of economic and structural transformation for an inclusive development focused on the human being. » The Senegalese President expressed confidence that new growth engines favor the industrialization of Africa and the production capacity of the inhabitants. « Africa already has an industrial production potential across the young population, the importance of agricultural and livestock production and the existence of diverse mineral resources, » he added.


By Darine Habchi

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