Khadim Lo ‘Allo Papy « start-up specializing in the delivery

Demanding but close to its staff, Khadim Lo is a young entrepreneur who has the innovative spirit. He created « Allo Papy  » a start-up specializing in the delivery, via  a mobile application called « Paps », which provides access to shopping and deliveries and pay via mobile. This project will be available in October and initially, in some large cities of Senegal.

Young entrepreneur, Khadim Lo has developed a business to deliver both professionals and individuals. « During my schooling, I went to Senegal where I continued my business studies. I have finished and I started working in a software publishing company in France. It was an old start-up of ten who had managed to make 100 million Euros in revenue and was established in thirty two countries. It’s a nice success story. It is there where I learned everything I know of the environment related to start-ups and entrepreneurship, « says Khadim Lo. Subsequently, he joined a well known consulting firm with a considerable score of experience in the fields of banking and insurance. With a master degree, Khadim Lo was embarked upon the field of entrepreneurship by setting up, in 2013, a business outsourcing company, similar to a call center. « The idea is to support SMEs, small businesses, start-ups in their business development. We had a presence in the Paris region, more precisely in Montreuil, but also in Tunisia and Dakar. In France, we worked with the Kompass Group, leader in the field of database and taxation. We were in telephone sales for these companies. For the company Expresso Senegal, for example, we realized from a lead file the sale of telephone subscriptions. We had the exclusive rights on this offer, « says the young entrepreneur.

« Paps » mobile application to make delivery easier

Following this experience Khadim discovered that there was a niche where he could develop his expertise: the delivery. He created a start-up named « Allo Papy. » It consists in taking orders via a dedicated phone number +221 781203020. With a fleet of five delivery, ‘Allo Papy « is very oriented B to B. Among its major clients are: Orange. Khadim Lo plans to open its start-up to the general public hiring new couriers, in September 2016. He is also currently developing a mobile application that will be launched in October 2016 to simplify the services offered by « Paps ». « We tested many providers, but we often had problems with chips deliveries. We suffered many delays, vehicle breakdowns … This problems emanating from providers that marred much our image, so we decided to run our own delivery service, « he says. Thus, Khadim Lo can offer competitive prices, because as he said, « Today, Senegal, phone deals are very expensive. And from this, we have assembled a superb offer with Expresso. We had the exclusive on this offer « he added. In Senegal, this offer is totally new and overcomes the lack of infrastructure and modes of locomotion.

Priority to young people  seeking for jobs


With its start-up, Khadim Lo also helps to create jobs. Some deliveries are made by bicycle in the interests of environmental protection. Longer trips require the use of scooters or cars and the start-up uses external partners. » Via the application « Paps » we can see job applicants , and select those of interest. We want to encourage as many young people to register on this application, to be biker, or to be a partner, if they have their own scooter or car, « says the entrepreneur. This service will be available initially in the big Senegalese cities such as Dakar, Thies and Saint-Louis. « We primarily recruit people who live in the locality. Indeed, they must know the address, especially as they are not always well marked. We train our recruits to be customer focused, « he says. Within the Khadim Lo business, the hierarchy is linear and is related to several functions. « Each employee carries out actions for the collective. For example, for my part, I invested a lot in the area of ​​customer acquisition, the acquisition of new businesses or new references. As for my partner, it is more specialized in the field of operational management of races and that of human resources. Thanks to technology, more brakes rose. Each and every customer delivery are noted on the application before each new order. Below 3.5 out of 5 points, we do not keep the delivery in our network, « said Khadim Lo.

This system allows to satisfy both professional and consumer applications and guarantee to obtain quality services. In the long term, Khadim Lo wants to develop this offer throughout West Africa. He has also declined several services through several portals like restaurants with their menus, supermarkets with all their rays … So everyone can order and carry shopping online without any concern.

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By Darine Habchi

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