Djibouti Fintech Forum : where finance and technology meet to shape Djibouti’s economic future

Djibouti Fintech Forum is the largest gathering of Fintech actors, serving as an inclusive platform to discuss the latest trends, address challenges, generate opportunities, and initiate actions to develop the Fintech ecosystem in Djibouti.

 By the editorial staff

The Djibouti Fintech Forum, a must-attend event for Fintech actors, once again promises to be a significant event. From June 18th to 20th, 2024, the second edition of this flagship initiative in the Djiboutian tech ecosystem brings together innovative minds, public decision-makers, representatives from telecoms and banks, entrepreneurs, and especially the dynamic youth of Djibouti. The objective? To build a dynamic ecosystem where finance and technology come together to shape Djibouti’s economic future.

An event with multiple stakes

The Fintech sector in Djibouti, though burgeoning, faces several challenges, including low financial inclusion, the absence of decentralized payment systems and open banking solutions, challenges related to cross-border payments, the need for appropriate regulations, and much more. The Djibouti Fintech Forum aims to address these issues by creating a platform for dialogue and innovation.

Reaching out to isolated communities and facilitating their financial inclusion

This event plays a key role in accelerating Djibouti’s economic development. By bringing together various stakeholders, it promotes knowledge exchange, the establishment of strategic partnerships, the development of solutions, and new business opportunities in Djibouti. Expected outcomes include improved financial inclusion, technological advancements, job creation, and increased investments in this sector.

A catalyst for change

Fintech, represented by actors such as D-Money or Waafi, positions itself as a tangible response to financial exclusion. This initiative is part of a social inclusion approach, enabling all citizens, including those excluded from the traditional banking system, to access modern financial services.

« Thanks to Djibouti Money, we have been able to reach out to isolated communities and facilitate their financial inclusion, » highlights Mohamed Assoweh Bouh, CEO of Djibouti Telecom. As regulators, Central Banks have the duty and heavy responsibility to ensure that policies and actions promoting financial activities optimally harness the potential of Fintech while preserving trust and stability in the financial system, » stated Ahmed Osman Ali, Governor of the Central Bank of Djibouti, in the inaugural speech of the Djibouti Fintech Forum 2020.

Our goal is to make Djibouti a regional hub of financial innovation by 2030

The Djibouti Fintech Forum not only discusses current trends but also sets the groundwork for the future. Among the upcoming initiatives are the development of a national digital payment infrastructure and training programs for young Fintech entrepreneurs. « Our goal is to make Djibouti a regional hub of financial innovation by 2030, » says Samatar Abdi Osman.

Actively engaging in digital transformation

The Djibouti Fintech Forum is a unique opportunity for all sector actors to actively engage in the digital transformation of Djibouti’s economy. « Join us in shaping Djibouti’s financial future and contributing to inclusive and sustainable development! »

To learn more and register, visit : https://djiboutifintechforum.com

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