Digital : Afrobytes in Hong-Kong

Afrobytes keeps growing. The success of this platform opens the doors to international.

Rudy Casbi

Afrobytes is exporting. After Paris, New York and San Francisco, Hong Kong will host the Afrobytes forum specialized in digital technology for the African continent. « Thanks to our partner R+I specialised in digital technology based in Hong-Kong, Afrobytes continues to raise, « said Ammin Youssouf, co-founder of Afrobytes. Integrated into the largest hi-tech incubator in Paris, Afrobytes is inexorably raising in power. «When we started our business, this wasn’t easy to approach digital influencers, « explains Ammin Youssouf. Then he adds, » today we established contacts with several companies for our development. Njoki Gichinga, who is member of the largest kenyan incubator I-hub, will join us in Hong Kong for this event, « he tells.

Hong Kong: a major asset for China

For this Afrobytes scheduled for tomorrow, 150 participants are expected. « This passion for African tech makes us happy. This proves the interest of economic actors for Africa, »explains Ammin Youssouf, co-founder of Afrobytes.  The organization of this event also reveals Hong Kong’s unique role for the promotion of Chinese investment in abroad.  According to the Chinese Ministry of Economy, 60% of Chinese investments are channelled through investment funds based in the former british colony.

Rudy Casbi
Crédit photo : Ammin Youssouf, co-founder of Afrobytes / co-fondateur d’Afrobytes

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