« Carrefour Africain »: Morocco bets on the Ivory Coast

« Carrefour Africain » opened its platform for the recruitment of young Ivorian graduates in various sectors of activity – during the official visit of King Mohamed VI to Abidjan – on February 24-27.

« Carrefour Africain » availed the opportunity of the 4th visit of King Mohamed VI to the Ivory Coast to organize, on February 25, a forum of recruitment of young Ivorian graduates, against a backdrop of economic co-operation already very committed.
Enhanced cooperation

With its fourteen new economic agreements, thus increased to 68, cooperation between the two countries was strengthened in many areas during King Mohamed VI’s last visit. Morocco is investing in the Ivory Coast, for example, CFA 90 billion for 5,000 classrooms, CFA 130 billion for the construction of social houses, with the installation of CIMAF cement plant in San Pedro (South-West, 2nd port in the Ivory Coast),  or CFA 2 billion 500 for the benefit of Ivorian women.

The private sector is not left behind with, for example, Attijariwafabank, the leading Moroccan banking group, which has been supporting the Ivorian government in its development program since 2010. The bank has already participated in the « fund raising of  CFA 120 billion for the Ivory Coast, as early as 2014, to contribute to the financing of the country’s development goals, » as recalls by the Foreign Ministry. This year, another amount of CFA 50 billion will be proposed by Attijariwafabank for the development of 200 – 300 ha of land in the new industrial zone of PK 24.

Finally, trade, which is largely in surplus for Morocco, illustrates the Kingdom’s position in the Ivory Coast. « In 2013, exports from the Ivory Coast to Morocco amounted to CFA 7 billion and imports were estimated at nearly CFA 70 billion « or a trade balance deficit of CFA 63 billion for the Ivory Coast, with the main import products such as frozen fish, flour, cement, medicines, super phosphate, diamond phosphate … and for export products such as banana and palm kernel oil.”
Increasing recruitment

For Hassan, member of the organizing team, « the forum which is held for the first time in Abidjan, aims to support the development of Moroccan companies – and multinationals – in Africa. The Ivory Coast is experiencing rapid economic development, a dynamic economy and growth – and when we talk about development, it means recruitment. » So five Moroccan groups and one Ivorian company – Ivory Coast Energies -« are here to recruit 150 people, » he said.

  • The Ivorian Youth Employment Agency also took active part in the forum, especially in the current context of social unrests in the country. The Agency thus highlighted the Ivorian higher education, which attracts Moroccan companies, as it offers a wide range of pro-threads, especially in « mechanics, electronics and construction. » These three areas are, for Yannick Gnaman, a representative of the Agency « sectors where job supply is higher than demand. »


The same remarks by Mengouchi Mohammed, airline pilot, aeronautical consultant and
founding chair of CFPNC Group and CFPNT Academy. He sees the needs in « several sectors of employment in the African aeronautical industry » and therefore urged the young Ivorian graduates to embrace the air careers by joining his Moroccan group, viewed as the African leader in aeronautical training.

At a time when employment remains a major concern for the Ivorian youth, more than 1500 young graduates took part in the « Carrefour Africain » forum – and many of them will perhaps be recruited by Moroccan companies which bet more on the Ivory Coast.


Author: Issiaka N’GUESSAN // Photo: Stand « Carrefour Africain » © Issiaka N’GUESSAN

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